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Studio Projects

Live in your LIVING ROOM

The living space bathes in a natural light transforming the mood and ambience of the house throughout the day. In  house, the first object of attention is the living whose urge of commanding presence is to be fulfilled.

Time to RELAX

The palatial master bedrooms has been designed diligently, primarily focusing on giving it a voluminous look. The numerous splendid seating, collaged with our idea of space enhances the level of comfort, setting a rich appeal in residents’ eyes. The interplay of textures and material application exemplifies the dramatic appeal of the master bedroom making it the highlight of our work.

Take your Time to THINK

We give our time and effort for most important but ignored spaces in the house. We aimed to build each space pleasing and comfortable that the
moment you set foot in, you at once feel in sync with yourself .

Enjoy the VIBES

All it takes is that one statement creation to make your décor stand out. It is interesting to see
how colors can play such a vivid role in completely altering the illusion of the place. At this upscale modern space, we created a  environment where all guests feel warm and invited.

Design Style


Definite Colour Pallate

Theme 1

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